PETEX Sessions

The ‘PETEX Sessions’ have been developed to showcase related, additional content and build excitement in the run-up to PETEX 2021.

PETEX is renowned for presenting high quality technical content along with providing key networking and information sharing opportunities. The ‘PETEX Sessions’ will give our community and wider network a taste of the plans we have for PETEX 2021 in anticipation for the main event.

The format for the ‘PETEX Sessions’ is entirely web-based to create a narrative around PETEX that is free and fully accessible to our UK and international audience. Each month between January-October 2021, we will present a host of different events and activities, and we welcome your participation. So, join the conversation and share your views, opinions or even your past-PETEX memories via social media to spark discussions and future connections at PETEX 2021

All content for the ‘PETEX Sessions’ will be hosted on this page so feel free to pop back at the end of each month to view some more new and exciting activities.

January 2021
Collaboration Showcase: John Howell
(Chair, Geology and Petroleum Geology Aberdeen University), Holger Rieke (Chief Geologist, Wintershall Dea), Sophie Behrendsen (PhD Student, Aberdeen University) and Robert Newbould (Energy Group Committee)
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February 2021

Throwback to PETEX 2014 with a comment from the PESGB Executive Director Maria Iredale.

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March 2021

A video of Shereen Nairne, a member of the PETEX 2021 Technical Committee who explains what PETEX means to her, and what to expect from the event this year.

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A video of Karyna Rodriguez, a member of the PETEX 2021 Technical Committee who explores the legacy that is PETEX and how the conference has adapted over the years to the changing landscape of the industry!

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